About our CSA

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Fresh Feasts has two primary offerings with several options plus specials on our web store. Specials could include coffee, cinnamon and seasonal fruits.

The  first offering is The Basic Feast.

The basic includes items such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet corn, green beans, carrots corn and potatoes. It is intended to provide a supply of garden fresh produce that can last over a week. Some items, like salad mix should be eaten with a few days other items like head lettuce or carrots can last over a week. Other's like avocado may take up to a week to ripen. Pumpkin squash (Kabocha) may last over a month without spoiling

The second offering is The Gourmet Feast

The gourmet includes all items in the basic and adds tropical fruits such as mango, banana and rambutan, when available and higher end items such as local Alii mushrooms, dragon fruit and organic pineapple.

Web specials will always include 100% organic Kona coffee and organic Hawaiian cinnamon. They will also include seasonal items that are in abundance. You can easily add they to your box by logging into your account and using the web store.

Discounts will also be given to subscribers who refer new customers to us.