How to Sign Up & Policies

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How to Sign up! 

Fresh Feast uses a web-based software program called Farmigo. With it, you have online access to your own account. Click here to sign up on Farmigo and follow 7 easy steps!

1) Choose your location: We deliver to easy minimal contact locations all around the island. Choose the one most convenient to you but be sure to take note of the day/hours for your site's pick-up window. Currently, not all of our pick-up locations have refrigeration available. The sooner you are able to pick up your Fresh Feast the fresher it will be! If you are paying with SNAP/EBT, your pick-up location must be Adaptations, Kealakekua.

2) Choose your share: Choose between a predetermined basic or gourmet share or opt for a custom share and build your own box! Not sure what box is right for you? Refer back to "Our CSA" section for a detailed description of each share. Next, decide if you'd like to receive fresh produce weekly or every other week (bi-weekly). If you choose bi-weekly, take a peek at what date your deliveries will start and mark your calendar with your new bi-weekly schedule. 

3) Add optional subscriptions (If you'd like!): We additionally offer Hamakua mushrooms and eggs as an optional subscription included with your share. If you choose to include mushrooms or eggs as a subscription, they will come with every box you order. In order to take them out of your box, you would need to delete the option. 

4) Payment: You may choose to add to your Farmigo account balance in the following increments:

$100 Credit: Put $100 on account

$200 Credit: Put $200 on account and receive a $10 bonus

$300 Credit: Put $300 on account and receive a $15 bonus

$450 Credit: Put $450 on account and receive a $45 bonus

You may choose to pay by:

1) Automatically Recurring Payments-Electronic Check: This is a preferred payment due to a lower transaction fee in comparison to other electronic payment methods.

2) Credit/Debit card

3) Check in the mail or check/cash delivered to our warehouse office

4) Other/EBT Payment: Please choose this option if you wish to pay with SNAP/EBT. Payment must be made at the time you receive your produce. A one-time $50 deposit, which is refundable if the subscription is canceled, must be paid at sign up on the web or at a member's first pick up. If the deposit is a barrier for you, please contact us and we will create a custom payment plan that works for you.

Paying by options 1) or 2) can be single payment or pre-approved automatic payments, which is triggered when your account falls below a value of $50. Choosing automatic payment frees you from having to manage payments repeatedly. It will continue in perpetuity until you tell us to turn it off, which we can do easily. A zero balance does not end your subscription you must contact us to cancel.

5) Click finish! When you complete the payment process you agree to our policy terms. Please read our policy below. 

6) We recommend... Once you sign up adding This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your email contacts so our emails don't get lost in your spam folder! We also recommend setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to edit your farmigo cart!

We ask all new subscribers to carefully read the following policy. You agree to these terms when you complete the payment process.

Fresh Feast Policies

Payment: When you pay, you agree to pay in a timely manner and to keep your membership account information up to date. Fresh Feast communicates with its members mainly through an email update that lists feast contents, recipes and tips for processing and handling of certain food items, farm updates, any policy changes, and the like. Adaptations’ Fresh Feast does not sell, share or rent our email list. It is your responsibility to open and read the emails (including payment notices) so that you stay informed. If your email address or any other contact information changes, please update your account or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 808-324-6600. Pick up locations will not accept payment. A zero balance does not cancel your subscription. To cancel, you must contact us.

Pick up: Choose the most convenient one of our locations to pick up your feast. Please observe the hours indicated for your location. There is no delivery charge if picking up at our Kealakekua warehouse. There is a delivery charge based on distance from our warehouse: our Kailua-Kona locations have a $1.50 per feast delivery charge, our Waimea location has a $2.25 per feast delivery charge, our Hilo Wednesday pick-up location has 2.50 $per feast delivery charge.  We will add a new delivery location if three or more people can find one that works. Pick up locations will not accept payment.

If you cannot pick up your feast, please:

1) Schedule a vacation day by 6 pm on Saturday before the next distribution day via your Farmigo account on the web or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 808-324-6600.

2) Make arrangements to have someone else pick up your feast.

3) Inform the pickup location that you’ll pick up the next day (not an option at Windermere Realty).  or

4) If no arrangements are made, you will be charged and your feast will be donated to the pickup site.


Vacations: You may put your deliveries on hold while you are on vacation. Go into your account and enter the date range for your vacation. You may schedule up to three vacation times at once, if you know your schedule in advance. Otherwise, just log in and do this as needed. Schedule a vacation day by 6 pm on Saturday before the next distribution day via your Farmigo account on the web or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 808-324-6600. Farmigo will schedule the next delivery day following your return date, based on your schedule choice. If you receive every other week, be aware of how this affects you.


Holidays: Members will be notified well in advance of any change to the delivery schedule because of the day on which Christmas and New Year’s Day fall. These are the only two holidays that may affect our schedule currently.


Return/refund policy: We allow for full refund within 30 days of your request. We ask that you respect the commitment you make when you subscribe to our program and that you request this only in the case of an emergency. If you are truly dissatisfied, please give us an opportunity to understand your concern and we will honor your request.


Suspension of service: Your feast will not be delivered if your subscription has been put on hold because you have not kept your payment agreement. A payment reminder message will be sent when your account falls below $50. If we don't receive a timely payment from you, service will be suspended and we will contact you. The deadline is to allow time to gather all the fruit and veggies for the feast.


Referral Credit: You are an essential link in building our local food system and developing a sustainable, food-secure community. Sharing good things with friends and ohana is fun! We reward you for that. When you refer a new member and they give us your name in the comments section when they sign up, we will credit your account with $10 to use in our web store.


Community Supported Agriculture is an exciting alternative food distribution system. By supporting our network of family farms directly, you are securing the agricultural integrity of our island while lowering your carbon footprint and in exchange, you are receiving nutritious, locally grown produce. The Philosophy of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is more of a relationship than a simple convenience or a give and take of produce for cash; it is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers.  Under the CSA model, members pay in advance for the food they will receive, reflecting the risk that farmers take to plant, tend, and harvest crops.  You will find a wide variety included in your feast that may extend beyond what you might choose for yourself on your own. We do all we can to assure a full and wonderful harvest, but certain things are beyond our control, and may reduce yields, create substitutions, or result in complete losses. We cannot guarantee the inclusion of specific crops at specific times in specific quantities. We leverage over thirty years of experience in food production to do the best we can to ensure the value of your feast. Our large network of local growers allows us to gather variety and freshness for you. Your box may occasionally contain a hitchhiker – or two – and your veggies will look like they are grown by real people and under real conditions. Adaptations has developed long-term relationships with our growers and we are aware of the production methods and the integrity of each farm. Not every farm is certified organic, many philosophies are integrated into the production plans and we have ascertained the quality and value of each producer’s methods. We have our own 7.5 acre certified organic farm in Honaunau and this gives us a unique ability to understand and advise our fellow growers. As we continue to develop our website, we will share information and pictures of our network of family farmers so that you can get to know them, too.

Mahalo ~ happy feasting!