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Oceanfire Cinnamon is organically grown on Adaptations Farm in Kona Hawaii. It is true cinnamon, now named Cinnamomum verum or True Cinnamon. It was previously called Ceylon Cinnamon or Cinnamomum zeylanicum. To make matters more confusing, most of the cinnamon sold in the United States is cassia, which is darker and has a sharper flavor. True cinnamon is considered to have a warmer, sweeter, wider profile flavor.


The cinnamon is harvested from branches of the tree that are 4 to 10 years old. First the branches are cut into approximately 3 ft long logs. The outer bark is then scrapped off, removing the exposed layer. Next, the inner bark is gently pounded off. The resulting chips and strips of inner bark are then dried at low temperatures over several days until ready for milling. The cinnamon is fine ground to 70 mesh which allows its flavor to be easily released.