Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign up?

Unlike traditional CSAs, we accept new subscriptions on a rolling basis! When you sign up, a week long hold is placed on your account. A confirmation email will contain your first delivery date. 

What Can I expect in my box?

All our CSAs come in cardboard boxes with minimal packaging which may include compostable bags and brown paper bags. You may want to transfer the contents into your own storage containers. The contents of your box will vary depending on what you choose. If you don’t edit your cart, you will receive a default box. 

How Do I Edit My Cart? Can i edit my cart after placing an order?

You can edit your cart by logging into your account on Farmigo and shop on our webstore. You can edit your cart as many times as you’d like while the webstore is open. The webstore closes at 8am two days prior to delivery (3 days prior for Wednesday locations). 

Can I pay week by week?

No. Unless you are paying with EBT/SNAP, you must preload payments into your account. However, if you decide to cancel your membership you will be refunded the full amount of remaining funds in your account. 

How do i pay with sNAP/eBT?

To pay with SNAP/EBT, you must come to our Kealakekua headquarters. If you choose our Kealakekua location as your pick up site you may pay when you pick up your box, however, for all other locations you must pay with SNAP/EBT or cash at our headquarters in advance.

What if i can't pick up my box?

If you cannot pick up your box please: 

  1. Schedule a vacation by 3 days before the next distribution day via your Farmigo account on the web or contact us at [email protected] or 808-324-6600.
  2. Make arrangements to have someone else pick up your feast. 
  3. Inform the pickup location that you’ll pick up the next day *not an option at some locations* 
  4. If no arrangements are made, you will be charged and your feast will be donated to the pickup site. 

What if i'm traveling? Can i take a break?

You may put your deliveries on hold at any time. This can be an convenient option if you are planning a vacation or even if your fridge is just a little too full! 

Go into your account and enter the date range for your break. You may schedule up to three break times at once if you know your schedule in advance. Otherwise, just log in and do this as needed.

Schedule a break by 3 days before the next distribution day via your Farmigo account on the web or contact us at [email protected] or 808-324-6600. Farmigo will schedule the next delivery day following your return date, based on your schedule choice. If you receive every other week, be aware of how this affects you. 

Can i give you a box back?

If you’d like to recycle your boxes with us, please break down your boxes and store them at home until you have enough flattened boxes to fill a box. Once you have a bundle of boxes, you may return them to your pick up location on a normal delivery date. Mahalo for recycling! 

How do i cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at anytime by emailing or calling us at [email protected] or 808-324-6600. We will reimburse you for your remaining balance.