Adaptations has been growing and supplying locally grown, organic produce to chefs, families and retailers since 1984. Tane and Maureen Datta have been involved in cultivating sustainable food systems both as homesteaders and in their development of a distribution center for local growers. 

Adaptations can supply certified organic produce that meets USDA regulations to resorts, restaurants and retail outlets. The marketing and distribution business connects growers of all scales with consumers of all scales.

Our production areas are “off the grid” and solar powered. Onsite composting systems use earthworms to recycle the soil. We have developed infrastructure that includes local gardeners and farmers, industrial scale salad processing equipment, refrigerated chill room, ripening racks for avocados, fruit and tomatoes, delivery vans and an excellent skilled and committed staff.

Adaptations helps with both the production and consumption of local, sustainably produced crops. Adaptations’ dedication is intended to support Hawaii’s products and the families who produce them. 100% of the produce we distribute is from our islands.